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Rajasthan Holiday Packages
Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Port Blair Holiday Package

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Port Blair, Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach

Looking for your perfect tour package in Port Blair,book you Port Blair holiday packages for 5 Days at Rs. 10999/


Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Andaman Adventure Tour

Tour Type adventure

Place covered Andaman,Port Blair,Harbor,Havelock

Looking for your perfect Andaman adventure tour package in Port Blair booking for 6 Days,  Andaman,Port Blair,Harbor,Havelock


Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Andaman Honeymoon packages

Tour Type Honeymoon

Place covered port Blair, Havelock, Neil Island

Andaman Honeymoon Package inclusions (5 Nights / 6 days)  Honeymoon in Andaman & Nicobar Islands tour from Delhi India 2015 


Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Exotic Andaman Island tour

Tour Type leisure

Place covered Andaman Island

Exotic Andaman Island, Exotic Andaman tours Portblair l Hotel Andaman Residency / Hotel Tango Wave/Similar Havelok Hotel Gold Star Beach Resorts. Hotel Details:- Portblair



Package Duration: 

Day - 1
After a breakfast or supper at the lodging, the voyage of magnificence starts! The primary sight of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers an option vision of the earth, that is, tremendous breadths of pale blue silver water once in a while hindered by bits of area. It is in this navigating universe of water, in ships, pontoons, little ships and doing is (speedboats), that the joy of going to the Andaman lies on this magnificent Port Blair and Andaman Island Holiday Package! The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wan entryway includes a couple of uninhabited islands and the encompassing ocean. The Chidiya Tapu Island is legitimately celebrated for its dusk experience and offers visits that incorporate snorkeling and glass bottomed vessel rides at the Munde Pahar Beach. Aside from Corbyn’s Cove, Collinpur is the shoreline closest to Port Blair where the guests can swim and bathe. Suffocate your considerations in those oceans of imagination as you spend the night at the hotel! 
Day - 2
After breakfast, you would be taken to Havelock Island, the spot for taking restful strolls in the midst of paddy fields and coconut and banana estates, through the exciting activity depends on Radhanagar and Vijaynagar shorelines, which are the plunging and snorkeling destinations. The Seduction Point here is an immense submerged rock with stag horn corals. Pilot Reef, Mac Point, Minerva Ledge and Turtle Bay are other promising regions for jumping. The two authorized plunging clubs at Havelock are Dive India and Barefoot Scuba. The Elephant Beach, which is the most frequented, offers snorkeling in the shallow coral biological systems which can be come to by a vessel. Overnight stay at the hotel!
Day - 3
After an early breakfast, you may set out toward Mayabunder, situated on the northern-most edge of the Middle Andaman Island and has two primary shorelines known as Rampur Beach and Karmatang Beach, Diglipur is a town which is justified regardless of a visit even by the most brave travelers, and the Ross and Smith Islands are found adjacent, similar to the Kalipur Beach. Vegetable Bowl of the Andamans’ where the greater part of the area is under development, pulls in guests because of its lavish green woods and sandy shorelines, for example, Bharatpur, Lakshmanpur and Sitapur. Steward Bay is another fascination here alongside two waterfalls on the island. Recollections of a heavenly watery involvement with an overnight stay at the hotel!
Day - 4
After breakfast or a dinner the following morning, you would be exchanged to the air terminal to get a flight back home, wherein our delegate would meet and transport you to your place of living arrangement!  The best time to visit the islands is from October to early May, as the storms are exceptionally wet from mid-May to September, however there is bounty to do notwithstanding amid the downpours, as you may determine the joy of cabin inside amid the rainstorm, getting a charge out of those raindrops falling on your windows as you taste some hot refreshment or snatch a nibble of that enhancing fish or as you venture out for an enchanting drenchy walk just to sense the magnificence of the nature and environment around you.

Our Port Blair Holiday Package will lead you to a rainforest locale with lavish regular magnificence, uncommon natural life, a magnificent shoreline, and the region’s beguiling coral and marine life. There are different getaways close Port Blair to give you a magnificent time. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, housed the strictest jail amid the pilgrim time frame, however today a standout amongst the most occurrence occasions happens in Port Blair’s Cellular Jail – a sound and light appear! Our Port Blair Holiday Package will take you to memorable landmarks, a harbor journey of the pretty island, its zoo with endemic types of fauna, and some of its historical centers including the backwoods exhibition hall. Andaman & Nicobar Islands have countless untamed life asylums, numerous National Parks, and one Biosphere Reserve. Numerous types of winged animals are discovered just in this region.

This ‘garden of Eden’ offers numerous exercises. In spite of the fact that Corbyn’s Cave is the main shoreline in Port Blair, frequented by scuba jumpers, there are numerous other palm-bordered shorelines close-by, where you can go by ship, for example, North Bay Beach, Butler Bay, Wandoor Beach, or Elephant Beach. Numerous beautiful islands close by, secured by brilliant shorelines and verdant timberlands, have open doors for snorkeling or scuba plunging. Havelock with one of the best coral reefs is plagued by snorkellers and scuba jumpers. The interesting Sea Walk at North Bay will take you quit for the day the corals and you can sustain the fish submerged with your own hands!
The Port Blair Holiday Package can take you to Baratang Islands with mangroves, pretty shorelines, limestone holes, and the main dynamic fountain of liquid magma, to visit which authorization is required. Dolphins lounge close Long Island. Curtbert Bay is home to turtles in Rangat. You can watch submerged marine life and extraordinary corals in Cinque Islands, or embrace an Elephant Safari and cookout close to two beautiful waterfalls in Little Andaman Island. Ross Island has deer and peacocks. Chidiya Tapu, satisfies its name: it’s loaded with the sound of winged creatures trilling in its backwoods, other than offering terrific perspectives of the dusk. There’s multi-cooking accessible, North and South Indian dinners, veggie lover and non-vegan passage, tandoori nourishment, desserts, and chaat! Monday is an occasion in the Andamans; just North Bay, Havelock, and Ross Island are dynamic. Port Blair encounters a tropical storm atmosphere; there is overwhelming precipitation all through aside from January-March. The climate is uniformly disseminated; normal temperatures are – most extreme: 34.5oC and least: 14.6oC.

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